They’re all overseas content providers

We are not oveseas

As where it concerns Content Providers, this statement is true. The vast majority are overseas content providers who sell their content all over the world. A number of them makes use of international call centers, situated in low cost countries such as the Filipinos or India.

However, serious operators on our market that are here to stay, use local services to look after their customer service requirement.

We have a mandate from a big number of Content Providers, to make sure that the consumer is best served and has a good customer experience.

Therefore, all calls where 1300 support is involved in, are being made and answered in Australia. We believe that any company can only offer the best customer experience, when it is being done from a local base, with local knowledge of culture, language and mentality.

Technically, a bad connection and or line are also likely to happen less, all adding up to a good quality service. We’re here to help – and we speak your language!