Service Approval and Compliance

19084032 Approval of Services and Compliance

Before a service is activated and available on the market, a number of steps have to be taken  ensuring that everything meets the relevant laws and regulations.

Since the telecommunication providers collect the money from you (their customer) they put a great deal of effort in vetting these Premium Services before they will give the “OK” status and are allowed to go ‘live’.

All telecommunications providers have Compliance departments, which only task is to verify that all business processes are meeting the relevant laws, code of practices and so on. These departments check and monitor actively whether services services, products and systems adhere to the relevant regulations and local, state or federal laws.

Outsourced Compliance Audits

In case of Premium Services, sometimes telecommunication carriers or regulators outsource these vetting processes to independent compliance monitoring agencies. These agencies work often world-wide, and have a vast experience, specifically in monitoring or auditing Premium Services markets. They have an important say in suspension of cancellation of services in case of non-compliance and often, their findings are final and binding.