Besides the content provider, who is involved?

a number of parties is involved in premium services
a number of parties is involved in premium services

Who is involved in this?

Besides the Content Provider, several parties have a financial and or technical role in Premium Services.

  • Content Providers: supply the actual content, game, service, app.
  • Aggregators or Gateway Providers: give the Content Provider access to a network, and supplies the vehicle for content delivery (for instance the SMS, Carrier Direct Billing connections, In-app Payment platform etc).
  • Telecom Network Provider: has the contract (mobile phone contract) with the end user, and the physical network to reach out to the end user .
  • State: charges the GST, VAT or other taxes.

How do does roles work:

A simple comparison to clarify the roles in a daily situation:

You want to send your cousin a letter.

  1. You write the letter (so you are the Content Provider),
  2. for which you need a pen, paper and envelop (all that is provided to you by the Aggregator/Gateway Provider).
  3. Now its all written and in an envelop, you need to get this letter to your cousin and for that you use the post, because they have a network of posties on bikes who can bring it there (Telecom Network Provider).
  4. On top of the price you paid to obtain paper, envelop and stamp, you have paid tax (eg GST, VAT, BTW etc (State/Fed Government))