“It’s all scams. I’ve read all about it on the internet”.

No doubt you have informed and educated yourself on the internet, and found other users writing ‘scams’ , ‘rip-offs’, ‘cons’ and more. People base their entire opinion on a sentence found on the internet, without doing any homework themselves, or verifying the scams- claims from the ‘experts’ in the fora.

Unfortunately there are black sheep amongst Content Providers, who know excellently  how to bend the rules. The industry is working hard to keep a level and fair playing field for everyone.

Not all end users are angels either. Some people refuse to accept that they have a responsibility for what happens with their mobile phones, reading incoming messages or advertisements before accepting or confirming any game or message.

As a professional help desk organization, we assess the services, methodologies and strategies deployed by the organizations we represent and mediate for, whilst considering your individual circumstances and experience too.

Basis for this approach is that we believe that buying and using content should be fair and deliver a good or fun experience for all parties involved.

Be assured that our staff is here to help and find an answer to your query that is acceptable for all parties!