Help desks: not answering calls

phone unanswered?

As mentioned in another comment, some Content Providers do not have any presence on Australian shores, and have their customer services handled by, in cases, debatable call centres, that have no interest in answering calls.

However, the same legislation and policing methodologies apply to these companies and in case of non compliance with the regulations, their product or service will be suspended or shut down.

If you run into a phone number that is not answered, you can dial turn general information number. One of our officers is likely to be able to advice you of the correct  cause of action.

As for our role, our team is dedicated to answering calls and your enquiry, and our staff endeavors to answer your call directly. Some periods of the day or of the month are busier than others. This could lead to the fact that you end up in a waiting queue.

During this time, you’ll always have the possibility to record a message at any time, and we guarantee a call back within (latest) 24 hours.

Our management and operations centre are located in Australia.