Lodging a Claim

Lodging a Claim

If you have received a request from our support team to email our claims department your details, here’s an overview of how the procedure works.

Your case consultant has given you a ticket number asks you to send an email to this email address

  1. Start with entering the 6 or 7  digit ticket number in the subject line of the email. Note: this is the ticket number that our agent has given to you.
  2. For privacy purposes, it is important to identify you as the holder of the phone and hence being authorised to receive information, therefor you’ve been asked to email a copy of your phone bill, stating your name and address details and the page on which the Premium Service charges are stated. Note that you can blank out all other details for your privacy.
  3. In the email itself, please inform the claims arbitrator of the reason why you think you should be entitled to a refund claim for the third party charges, and the amount that you seek to get refunded. Note that this can be short, sweet and simple. There’s no need for a very extensive description of the how and why.

A claims arbitrator will process your email by verifying and considering all relevant factors. This happens on an individual, case by case basis. The claims arbitrator will get back to you (in writing via email) with a resolution within maximum 2 business days.

If your claim is awarded, you will receive a link to a secure form. In order to sent you a cheque, the form consists of 3 simple steps:

  1. the awarded amount and your declaration of acceptance;
  2. Your name and address details;
  3. Summary of third party charges claim details and the submit button.

Once you click the submit button, the claim reaches it final stage. A refund using an automated process by our financial department, of the Content Provider will be instructed to transfer the money to you.

IMPORTANT: For prompt processing of your claim, make sure that you enter the TICKET-number ONLY in the subject line.  NOTE: WITHOUT A TICKET NUMBER WE CAN’T PROCESS YOUR CLAIM!