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Welcome at Telcosupport.com and Billingsupport-global.com

We are an independent help desk that processes customer queries for a number of telecommunication companies, content providers and billers, that are operating on English speaking Premium Services markets.

What these markets have in common besides the language, is that they charge you for their content. This can be anything, from discount coupons to ringtones to virtual butler services or games. Since this content is paid for, it’s often also called Premium Content and Premium Billing.

There are various way you can be billed for content, such as via Premium SMS (PSMS – via your telephone bill), Carrier Direct Billing (CDB – via your telephone bill), Credit Card billing or billing via PayPal. In some countries there are phone lines, that charge a premium for calling them. In general these services are called Premium or Value Added Services.

Guidance and explanation

Frequently, end-users find a description on their phone bill, their Credit Card statement or other that are not clearly stating what they have to pay for. It is actually quite common to not remember the name of the company, or the game played. Even more general, sometimes it’s hard to remember having accessed any premium content at all.

Therefor, our first step is to establish, together with you, what happened. We’ll then inform you of the next steps to take and guide or assist you through these actions when necessary.

Our support operating hours

The telco support and global support help desk teams operate Monday to Friday, 9 am to 5 pm local time, regardless of your country. Sometimes our lines are busy and waiting times occur. You don’t have to wait: we register each and every call and will call you back between 9am and 8pm your time.

Outside office hours you’re always able to leave a voice mail message. It doesn’t matter whether you leave a message or not, we register every call and you will be called back within one business day.