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Are you a telecom professional? Are you looking for an extra business partner that offers you new opportunities?

Working with means helping callers and deploying your telecommunication service expertise. It’s about finding out why costs occurred on a caller’s phone bill or explaining telephone processes and educating callers. Where needed, for instance in case of disputes, your mission is to find a solution where all parties agree with. has grown very rapidly because we have stricken the right keys with as well end-users and the telecom industry. Telcosupport works with telecommunication operators such as Vodafone, Open Market  and other partners that offer products or services, that are charged via an end-users phone bill. Calls we process are originating from Australia, United Kingdom, Ireland, New Zealand, the Philippines and Singapore. In the near future, we will be expanding into more territories.

Based on solid telecommunications experience, we have built a flexible and scalable telecommunications platform that is capable of handling multiple countries, languages and partners at the same time. Our strength is to bring end-users, telco’s and telephony experts -you-, together.

Mediation is done by independent partners, who work from the comfort of their home office or anywhere they’d like to execute their profession: this saves time in commuting, travel expenses and offers maximum flexibility, worldwide. Mediators are their own boss and have the freedom of choosing when and where they work from. Technically, all you need is a fast, stable internet connection and a personal computer with a headset.

However it’s no walk in the park and the environment is fast paced. Mediation means emotions and callers can be upset or stressed and they’re not aware that you’re there to help them. Other callers do not tell the truth or deny everything – whilst the evidence indicates the opposite. To be successful you have to be very focused and be able to ‘cut to the chase’ whilst staying within your expected role.

Team duties include:
– conversations with end-users, explaining and educating, via email, telephone and SMS
– assisting end-users in removing subscriptions
– judging, negotiating and processing claims

Because you’re independent, you’ll work as a contractor and get paid based on the number of cases you have completed. This is all monitored and registered via our fully automated portal.

Telco Support will provide you with specific training, for instance in the usage of the custom built systems that we have deployed. We can advice you whether your equipment would be compatible or meet the requirements of our needs.

Training is conducted online via video tutorials, via a special portal in small virtual classes and -depending on what part of the field your in – it may consist of two or three 3-hour modules plus an individual session. After you’re ready there will always be other contractors that can coach or provide further guidance and assistance where needed (crowd coaching).

This is what we are looking for in our partners:
– Confidence and good, professional phone manners
– Call center and/or communication customer service experience
– A computer with reliable internet (4G sticks do not provide stable enough internet)
– Communication tools such as Telephone, Skype, WhatsApp, Email
– Basic office software and the knowledge how to operate it
– A (home) office or another space that enables you to concentrate on your work without distraction

Interested in working together? Write us via the contact form below: we’ll sent you an access link to the platform where you can follow the simple steps.

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